What I am working on

Status August 2023

Since last year I have been writing a novel in three parts.

In it, on the one hand, is about a woman who could be called a master, awakened, mystic. She has extraordinary abilities and some peculiar properties. For example, her skin seems to glow. And very often you don't see or hear her coming, suddenly she is there.

She lives in Tenerife and works daily with her team to make her large property an oasis, a paradise on earth.

Also, people come to her to work with her, to find orientation.

In parallel, the world is falling into the global stranglehold of comprehensive digital control.

As it progresses, it offers a refuge for people who do not want to go through this worldly transformation. A community develops around it with all the challenges that come with it. And the community, since it can exist quite freely on the property and feed itself, also experiences attacks from the outside.

So a mixture of spirituality, science fiction and thriller.

Working title so far is: Silva Ma - the wild way from the south. I have 250 standard pages so far.


Furthermore, I am working on the completion of the female quartet, which started with the warrior. Supposedly based on an ancient Toltec myth, later taken up by C.G. Jung, it was developed as a psychological concept for men by Moore and Gillette in the 1990s: The Warrior, The King, The Magician, The Lover. A man who has brought these four qualities to flower in himself and his life is a whole and fulfilled man.

It gives me pleasure to "translate" this quartet for women. Because different demands are made on women, they have enjoyed a different socialization in the patriarchy than men, therefore the respective archetype is also a little... different.

For example, I translated the mage as the guardian of the sanctuary.


Since I don't want to offer the 13-week coaching process "Find your Mission", through which I have accompanied many people with success since 2004, individually and in groups, live and digitally, in this way anymore, I am currently writing an email course with which you can do this process for yourself, as well as a book that maps the process completely.

Because I still find the work itself excellent, especially in times when people are more and more thrown on their pure survival instinct and therefore need a powerful, individual "I am" to be able to stand in their values as well as in their shoes. And, regardless of external circumstances, to create a self-determined, meaningful and fulfilling life with success.


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