People read. Texts and books.
And also like to listen to them.

The author


Lt has been learned me when I was four years old. With my grandmother at the breakfast table, vhe first thing I did was to use a jam jar lid from the SOLO company.

I already knew the individual letters, so I pronounced them aloud one after another: "Ssss....Oooo....Llll....Ooo."

My grandmother just patiently (and repeatedly!) said: "And now faster." "Faster." "FASTER!"

Suddenly it clicked. I could read.

From the age of eight, I began to devour books.

At fourteen, it was Frisch, Hesse, and Stanislav Lem's turn.

After that, I milled my way through world literature. My penchant for science fiction has remained, a genre in which I like to try my hand.

Written I have always written, or so it seems to me.

Mainly for me, for projects, then texts for social media to my coaching work. As well as a lot of unpublished stories, two novels were also there. (Probably better that way. Some things need to mature.)

Until the "warrior woman" overtook me, in 2013 during my first hibernation in Tenerife: I woke up in the morning with a sentence taken from the dream:
"What would the warrior woman of light say to that?"

I dismissed it at first, it was too esoteric for me, and I was also sure that someone had long since written the female answer to Paolo Coelho's "The Warrior of Light Manual."

The sentence haunted me. Did not leave me out. Until I finally sat down to prove to myself that the book had long since existed.

How surprised I was that this was not the case and got excited about it. Because I thought, however, this book should exist. Until I finally had the bold idea that maybe it was up to me to write it. The rest is history.

The book seems to have hit a nerve, as you can see for example from the reviews in audible here :

More of my published books can be found here.

Since summer 2022, I have also been writing short stories, mainly as part of the Schreiblust Verlag competition.

Click here for my stories.

And that 's what I'm working on right now...