I read in you like an open book.

The human companion

"You can read people" - you can read people. The first time this was said to me with such clarity was by Dr. Chuck Spezzano's Master Trainer, Psychology of Vision, This was in 2003, during my 150 days of training there.

Since then I have heard it many times: You read in me like in an open book. You see, feel and know me better than I know myself. You recognize connections that I would never have thought of.

This may be due to my basic background as a so-called HSP is the reason. Some consider it to be a trauma compensation. Still others count this basic endowment as part of the spectrum of giftedness. Probably it is both and this is where my expertise begins:

Trauma, spirituality and high sensitivity - where are the stumbling blocks? Where are the healing possibilities? Where are the beauties?

How can I turn lead into gold?

Hypersensitivity to compassion, for example.
From the paranoia of a highly agitated nervous system, a body that feels threatened on autopilot, centered, infallible intuition.
Turn guilt into personal responsibility. Shame into joy of living. Hardness against oneself into joyful steadiness. The inner critic becomes the inner coach.

Ultimately, it is always a matter of recognizing the gift in the wound and living it from now on.


I am also a good companion for you when:

  • You feel fundamentally dissatisfied in your life, driven by the thought, "There must be something more."
  • When you find yourself in the so-called "Dark Night of the Soul" - when nothing works anymore and life in and on this world seems agonizingly meaningless to you.
  • If you want to know why you are here and what your unique contribution is.
  • If you want to become "matrix-free". So get out of the foreign determination of a materialistic world and get to know and live your freedom as a reality-shaping creative spirit.


I allow closeness and am personal, but never private.
I get to the point quickly. Often it is the sore one.
I put you in touch with your feeling.
I recognize patterns and connections very quickly.
I see your lead - where you live in an alienated way, where you hinder yourself, where you stand in the way of your fulfillment. The shadow.
I see your gold: your gifts, your distinctiveness, your bundle of core values, your potential, your possibilities. And the path of your fulfillment.


Sometimes we actually only need one session for this. Because neither do I waste your precious time and energy, nor my own. What enables me to do this is my own transformation journey, which began in 1989. And my more than 20 years of experience of intensive accompaniment of people who desire change. Who would like to know more: About me

Coaching offers

1 Power session

2,5h./ €385

Content | Procedure:

  • I read the email with the request.
  • Appointment allocation takes place via Calendly and the binding booking
  • We have our session via Zoom. It is recorded.
  • After 28 days, I read the update and provide written feedback on it.

Coaching Package

Package of 3 a
2,5h./ €1.085

Content | Procedure:

  • I read the email with the request.
  • Appointment allocation takes place via Calendly and the binding booking
  • We have our first session via Zoom. This will be recorded.
  • After 28 days we have our second session.
  • The third can be determined individually.
  • Each 28 days after Session 1, 2, and 3, I read the update and provide written feedback.

As of January 2024
Council 13:

Once a month there is a Zoom Circle on a certain selected topic, which consists of 13 people with me.
We do Council: The Native American round of talks, which has found its way into the business world under the name "Dialogue Process" by Dr. Otto Scharmer.

Duration: Ca 2h.
Individual contribution: Euro 25,00

E-books, videos and email courses

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