Who wants to stay alive,
must constantly renew itself.

Lauretta Hickman - Change and transformation specialist

Hatched onto this planet in 1964, I graduated from high school after a
rather chaotic-turbulent childhood and youth at the
Rudolf Steiner School in Munich. This was followed by an education
at the New Munich Acting School and at the age of 22, I entered
1986 my first engagement at the Landestheater Coburg.

I remained faithful to this profession for 13 years and got to know all facets
- stage, TV, film, dubbing, played leading and supporting roles
and different characters.

What I owe to him:

Discipline. A deep understanding of service, regardless of whim or mood of the day.

Being present.

To explore feelings, to be able to name them and to produce them consciously and repeatedly.

The ability to put myself completely into other characters, taking only my essence and competence with me.

When I finally gave up the profession gave upI fell into a deep hole. Dream jobs and failure just don't mix well. I took some time off, which is probably when my real search began: For me. For a life that is right for me. Currently, I was looking into a completely meaningless world that had nothing to give me. And I wondered if there was anything I had to give it. Finally, I literally ended up on my knees, at the end of my answers, praying, asking with passionate fervor: "You tell me, show me (at that time it was not yet possible for me to pronounce the word "God" without retching ) what you want from me, what my life should be, how you want to express yourself through me!"

The answer came quickly. In the form of a friend who came to see me for breakfast and confided in me with a hefty problem. Obviously I accompanied him excellently through his process. In any case, he then sent me a friend, who sent me another, and within a few months I was giving daily sessions at home.

Over time, this imparted to me one of my gifts: The ability to read people, to recognize and synthesize deeper connections, and an instinctive intuition.

And it gave me deep joy to enable people to be able to solve something for them and with them, to accompany them through deep emotional processes.

At the same time, I began to dabble in business. For reasons of earning money, but also because I wanted to gain a somewhat broader perspective on this world after this very specialized artistic niche. I started as a call center agent, built up an inbound department, created training materials, was assigned to creative quality management in the next call center, did marketing in an advertising agency, and crowned this part of my earthly journey of exploration with my two-year stint as a business development specialist for the European office of a US state.

With the completion of this task, we are now in 2006, I was disillusioned. But awake. When I started this job, the main task of which was to open the doors to CEOs and managing directors of European companies for the U.S. project team to sell the industrial site of the U.S. state for expansion, I was naive.

I thought I could now make a difference on a larger scale. At this level, the global economy is something like generous business among friends. I was wrong. Global economics is war: It was about "Allies" and "Competitors" and "Agressive Strategies". And I learned that no one ends up in significant political office unless they have first made themselves blackmailable and bribable. It was the closest I ever came to burnout again. My definition of burnout: Burning yourself out for wrong | foreign | no values.

From here on, I began to question everything. Most of all and most consistently myself.

And I thought, if stress, then only for myself and an activity with which I can identify 100%.

First I took over the leadership of the forum "Economy and Spirituality" in XING, with 5000 members at that time and organized regulars' tables in 8 cities in D-A-CH. After my experience in the European office, I had the impression that the global economy urgently needed spirituality: values, we-centered thinking, feeling and acting, mindfulness and sensitivity, respect for living beings and nature - all of this. I also wanted to know what exactly motivates people to want to bring these two "disciplines" together.

And I started my coaching process "Find your Mission" to offer. The tool that empowers people to live a full and fulfilling life that reflects their highest values and allows them to bring their gifts to the best of their ability. A life that no longer forces them to compromise and makes them congruent with themselves on all levels.

By the way, since 2000, since the friend at the breakfast table, I had always run my coaching change transformation activity in parallel. In individual and group work. And made numerous trainings in this regard (see below).

In 2012, an illness forced me to change course again.

I took my first time out over winter in Tenerife, where the warrior found me.

Finally, in April 2016, I received a kind of inner call: dissolve your life in Germany, do the Camino Santiago with your dogs, then live in Tenerife. In August 2016, I set out on the path. And live since February 2017 firmly on Tenerife.

Excerpt of my education and training:

Vocal training, Bennie Gillette 1986-1994

Improvisation seminars after Mikhail Tshekhov, Daniele Legler 1990-91

Meditation seminars, Ute Dvorak 1992-93

Avatar and Avatar Master, MBS Munich 1994

NLP 1 & 2, MBS Munich 1995

Tantra Celebrations and Tantra Year Training, Ardhanari Institute

Tantra workshops, Karuna Institute 1999, 2000

Quality of One 1,2 & 3, Advanced Tachyon Technologies, David
Wagner, USA 2000

Tachyon Practitioner 1&2 Advanced Tachyon Technologies, David
Wagner, USA 2001

IHK placement coach and case manager, Munich 2003

150 Training Days Psychology of Vision, Chuck & LencySpezzano

Life on Purpose Coaching, Life on Purpose Institute, Dr. Brad Swift,
North Carolina 2006.

Life on Purpose Coach Certfication, Life on Purpose Institute, Dr.
Brad Swift, North Carolina 2006.

Enlightened Warrior Training Camp, T.Harv Eker, Malaysia 2009

Train the Trainer Certification, Blair Singer, London 2009

Ultimate Internet Bootcamp, Alex Mandossian, Rome 2009

Mission to Millions, T.Harv Eker, Hamburg 2010

Guerilla Business Intensive, Alex Mandossian 2010

Munich Study Group "Theory U" according to Dr. Otto Scharmer,
Wolfgang Huber, Munich 2010-11

Be the Change Symposium Facilitator Training, Pachamama
Alliance, UK 2011

Somewhere in this colorful resume were also five semesters of study philiosophy and English literature at the LMU Munich, accommodated. Who now thinks that I am unsteady or: What can she really do? Let me tell you: As a rather insistent type, I would have preferred long-lasting relationships. And I remained in each case up to the point of the unbearable. It is my fate and thus now also my competence to change constantly. My life has compelled me in each case to move on, after what is essential here was learned, inhaled and incorporated. In addition, thanks to HSP and presumed giftedness I have a fast and efficient comprehension, i.e. I do not learn in a linear way, but in a networked way.

My life has allowed me to look into so many different realities of life that I have comprehensive and, above all, lived, that is, empirical knowledge. This serves both the writing and the professional accompaniment of people. Today I live rather quietly and withdrawn in a place that is said to have one of the best climates in the world. And occupy myself with writing, oil painting, gardening, animals, meditation and still with great passion with human consciousness. And how it could go (better) - with us, with the planet.