My Schreiblust short stories

On the author page I had already mentioned that I have been writing in Schreiblustverlag since the summer of 2022.

Play along?

Yes! The arrangement suits my playful nature very well:

Each month, up to 40 authors|inn|s can submit a short story of up to 10,000 characters on a given theme that serves not as a corset, but as a kind of inspirational anchor for the writing imagination.

There is a forum for this, in which the writers comment on, criticize, question and support each other. In the course of the month, the versions can be revised up to three times.

At the end of the month, voting will take place. The first three winners| will then be published in the annual anthology.

In addition, there is an annual theme for which all kinds of authors, including external authors, can send in texts. In 2022, the theme was "Magic in everyday life". For me, of course, it was obvious to write something about this, and yes, one of my stories also found its way in there.

But now in detail:

July 2022

Theme: " When Charly came to death".

Title: " Cotton wool and growth

August 2022

Theme: "Storm in a teacup

Title: "Oops

September 2022

Theme: "Change of scenery

Title: " Extra hot

October 2022

Topic: "Getting lost - where do you go from there?"

Title: "Free

Here I spontaneously felt like giving a short appearance to a character around whom I am currently writing a novel. And no, the character is not "Lorenz".

November 2022

Topic: "When the elevator gets stuck".

Title: "Tests

This is the first time I've tried my hand at sci-fi. Favorite genre of mine!

I rewrote this story in a more detailed form for the Munich Schreiberlinge for their anthology "Technik" ("Technology") on Munich and extended it with the necessary characters.

Which version do you like better?

December 2022

Theme: "Unreason

Title:" Angelos

This story made it to the podium for the first time.

And thus just into the 2022 annual anthology:

January 2023

Topic: "Write a story about this newspaper headline:Postman asks children where mom is: He didn't expect this answer"
Title: "Please, go ahead!

February 2023

Theme: "Let a song inspire you to tell a story".

Title: "Visible

March 2023

Topic: "Write a story about an unusual hobby".

Title: "CFNM

This story also landed on the podium and will thus appear in the 2023 Annual Anthology.

April 2023

Theme "Write a story about this picture".

Title: "Koi Kai

Also made it to the podium and will be included in the 2023 Annual Anthology.

May 2023

Theme: "Hello, said the turtle in my living room".

Title: Villa Hummingbird

June 2023

Topic: Write a story from the point of view of a villain

Title: "The Lucitan Protocols

Here I am thinking of making a book out of it, at least once a larger narrative.

Originally, I didn't feel like talking about this topic at all. Until I had the idea to let the arch evil speak for itself. Surprisingly, I came up with so much that what didn't find its way into the text is now much more extensive than the text itself. Any opinions?

July 2023

Theme: "A man sleeps back"

Title: " Mama Pluto or the late happiness of the shadow mule".

And, as already mentioned, in the anthology "Und über allem schwebt Magie" published in the summer of 2023, I am represented with this story:

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