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Welcome to my new site!


It took a long time until I could decide on a new web appearance and thus on a new "public" edition of my person.

In 2016 I emigrated to Tenerife. In addition to the beauties and the adventure, which continues to this day, I was of course also allowed to experience the downsides of such a decision. It is simply a difference whether one is for vacation or even for a few months in a paradise. Or living there with residencia, tax registration, the bureaucracy and health care, and this as an "extranjera" - the stranger I will probably always be in the Canary village where I live.

I write significantly more in the meantime, so the author was allowed more space. Then I lost everything professionally at first, it seemed. People who wanted to come here with me. My previous website by a stupid coincidence, if there is one. And then came Covid. All in all, a time of reorientation.

And even though I still consider " Find your Mission", the 13-week coaching process I offered for 13 years, individually and in groups, live and digitally, to be an excellent tool for living a life that is essential, self-determined and fulfilling, I felt and feel that I no longer like offering it in this form. I am currently working on an email course that makes it possible to do this work for yourself with one email a day. And I am writing the book that maps out the whole process so that you can do it for yourself at home, at your own pace.

20 years of intensive, professional human accompaniment have naturally given me competence in this.

Therefore, I decided to make myself available again as a highly sensitive, intuitive and well-trained professional human companion.

This page and also this blog will fill up step by step.

I am happy about interactivity.

Cordial -

Lauretta Hickman

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